James Eaton

My research looks at the nuclear spin physics involved in NMR, focussing on how molecular dynamics can bring NMR magnetisation back to equilibrium (NMR relaxation). When studying large proteins using NMR, the resolution in their spectra is poor due to fast NMR relaxation. NMR is a fantastic technique for studying the dynamics of molecules in solution, but it is difficult to study the dynamics of larger proteins using NMR due to the poor resolution. By looking at the mathematical theory surrounding relaxation, we hope to develop new techniques to increase the resolution of these spectra, enabling larger proteins and complexes to be studied more routinely.

In addition to the project above, I am aiming to perform protein expression and purification of biologically important proteins, particularly those important to protein folding or aggregation. These will then be analysed by NMR to determine their structures and dynamics.

Outside of research, I like to go hiking or to the gym as it helps clear my mind. I can also be often found at one of the many pubs or bars that Oxford has to choose from.