Past Group Members

Emma Silvester

Emma completed her PhD in Andrew Turberfield’s Lab in the department of physics, studying the folding properties of DNA and RNA nanostructures. Following her PhD, she worked as a postdoc in the Division of Structural Biology in Kay Grünewald's lab, using DNA nanostructures to develop new tools for cryo-electron microscopy and tomography. In the Baldwin lab, Emma was using cryo-electron tomography to study the structural properties of membraneless organelles, formed by phase separation of intrinsically disordered proteins.

Mark Hickling


Mark's research is focussed on membraneless organelles and their ability to selectively enrich for certain RNA molecules.  He is investigating how the properties of the RNA and the proteins that constitute these structures affect this poorly understood selection process, and uses a combination of deep sequencing and bioinformatics to do so. Outside of research he is usually found either on the squash court or getting frustrated watching Arsenal play football! 

Charles Buchannan


Charlie works on biological NMR method development.  He is particularly interested in using NMR to unpick complex disease-relevant questions.  Recently he has developed a technique to extensively characterise pathogen-ligand interactions using Saturation Transfer Difference NMR, underpinned by previous work on NMR spectral deconvolution.  He is now focused on further applying spectral deconvolution to other experiments, aiming to expedite biological work with NMR.  Outside of research, Charlie competed in the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race in 2019. After completing his PhD he was postdoc in the Baldwin lab for a year and is now postdoc in Marburg.

Gogulan Karunanithy

Gogs completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, spending his Part II year in the Baldwin Group. He has completed an EPSRC-funded DPhil in the group, and is interested in NMR methodology development. Publications

gogulan.karunanithy AT keble.ox.ac.uk