Virginia Casablancas Antras

Virginia is a doctoral student with the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science CDT, and is jointly supervised by collaborators at EliLilly. The main aim of her research is understanding the mechanisms of amyloid protein aggregation and inhibition using NMR and chemical kinetics approaches. She has also recently started working on the partitioning of small molecules into membraneless organelles. She is generally interested in studying biologically relevant phenomena at the protein interaction level, and in the combination of modelling and experimental approaches.  
Virginia’s background is in Biomedical Sciences (UAB, Spain, 2014) and she later completed an MRes in Molecular Biophysics at King’s College London, funded by a LaCaixa Fellowship for Postgraduate Studies in Europe. During her masters thesis in Prof. James McDonnell’s lab, she focused on the structural asymmetry and allostery of the immunoglobulin E constant region. After finishing her Dphil in group she is now working as a postdoc on the project about membraneless organelles.
Outside the lab, Virginia plays the cello in the Oxford Millenium Orchestra, as well as being part of the Oxford University Table Tennis Team.